Manitoba On April 6, 2023, Manitoba issued invitations to 566 individuals under the three streams of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program includes the International Education Stream, the Skilled Workers Stream, and the Skilled Workers Abroad Stream. Two draws were held for the Skilled Workers Stream. The initial draw attracted candidates for specific occupations. A minimum score of 615 was required for the 225 individuals that were invited. With a minimum score of 670, 226 applicants from all occupations were accepted to the second skilled worker draw. A strategic recruitment initiative was used by the province to invite 54 individuals for Skilled Worker Abroad and 61 candidates through the International Education stream. A 708 score was the minimum requirement. British Columbia British Columbia accepted 99 applicants for the skilled worker and international graduate programs on April 11, 2023. An invitation is needed to have a minimum score of 85. Two more draws were conducted on the same day, one of which invited eight candidates from the healthcare industry and the other of which chose 25 early childhood educators and assistants. They required a minimum score of 60 to get an invitation from the province. The province states that the following elements may be utilized to define immigration streams in specific calls for applications to the Skill Immigration Program: 1.Level, subject, and place of completion of education 2.Professional titles that are acceptable in British Columbia 3.Amount of time in the profession and level of expertise 4.Want to work, live, and establish oneself in a specific place because of the available skill level or remuneration for a given occupation 5.Priorities in terms of strategy: components that support government initiatives and pilot programs or explicitly address labor market demands in BC Ontario The stream "Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills" invited 295 people on April 11, 2023, in Ontario. The target profession for this draw wasn't specified. To receive an invitation, candidates needed to have at least a 30. Looking for higher studies or to immigrate to Canada? Call us today! Call/Whatsapp- India # - 91-964-503-7373 Canada - +1-647-673-7979, USA- +1-727-481-9680 E-Mail- #canadaimmigration #canadaimmigration #Canadastudypermit #provincialnomineeprogram #permanentresidency #permanentresidencycanada #expressentry #ontario #prvisacanada #visaexpertss #immigrationconsultants #Immigration #immigrationlawyer #immigrationattorney #immigrationlaw #federalskilledworker #federalskilledtrades #canadianexperience #FederalSkilledWorkerProgram #canadianexperienceclass